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With a long time experience in all fields of shipping we can provide management and chartering services tailored for each customer’s needs.

Founded in 1999 by Dimitris Delioglou as a pure chartering company in order to cover the charter needs that could not be covered by the affiliate company Delship  Agencies has up to date transported and chartered vessels for over than 5.000 cargoes and has obtained a lot of experience in the dry general cargo sector.

Recent Cargoes

  • Multimodal transport from Linz to Tajikistan via Black Sea
  • Cargo Type: Turbine Transportation
  • Ship: M/V BOZAT
  • Ports: Gemlik – Rodos
  • Cargo Type: Gypsum Boards
  • Ship: M/V ELISA
  • Ports: Gemlik to Mytilene and Naxos
  • Cargo Type: Cement In Big Bags
  • Ship: M/V SANDAL
  • Ports: Gemlik – Mytilene – Skiathos – Mykonos – Amorgos
  • Cargo Type: Cement In Big Bags and Gypsum Boards
  • Ship: M/V BIEN
  • Ports: Zonguldak and Aliaga to Creta
  • Cargo Type: Steels
With more than 25 years of experience!